19 Feb 2013

Fluffy Friends Erin & Peanut

Today we see the wonderful work of the world renowned Pet Photographer Erin King of Erin King Photographer. She shares with us her story, her inspirations and of course her beautiful Fluffy Friends, precious little Peanut...

"Of course (as is probably the case with most pet photographer’s) my own pet, Peanut, became an inspiration to get into pet photography. Funnily enough though, she is my most challenging subject. Moving to Melbourne 2 years ago and having to re-establish my photography business offered the perfect opportunity to delve into pet photography especially with the thriving pet community in Melbourne. Previous to this I’d been a photographer for 5 years in Wellington concentrating on photographing weddings, and lifestyle editorial for magazines and hadn't really considered pet photography before making the move."

"Owning a pet has bought so much love, laughter and happiness into my life and every day with her is just a joy. It’s not until you own a pet that you can understand the bond you develop with them and understand just how precious the time is you have with them. I’ve grown up around animals, as a kid our family owned the King’s Cattery, I used to go to Pony School and we had lots of animals on our own land. I’ve always been an animal lover and my feelings and passion for animal welfare only gets stronger as I get older.  My partner and I don’t plan on having children so for me, Peanut is my baby and I love her as I would my own child.  She will hopefully be the first of many more pets I have in my life."

"I hadn’t planned on getting a pet and when I did I wasn’t really in a great position to own one. I actually bought her from a pet store (which is highly frowned upon knowing the situation now with puppy farmers selling to pet stores), but after seeing her numerous times she just won over my heart and I had to have her.  Having absolutely no idea what I was getting myself in for, I thought I had made the wrong decision in getting her and considered giving her up numerous times. Thinking about this now is just crazy to me, as I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life. Since getting her I have met her whole family through her breeder who recognised her one day when we were out and about and who invited us to come and meet the rest of her family. She was one of a litter of 4 and apparently the only one they couldn’t find a home for which is why she was sent off to the pet store, where we met.  She is honestly the weirdest and funniest dog I have known and everyday she makes us laugh. She is cute and cuddly, and because of this knows she can get away with anything!"

"Peanut is a very small dog with a big attitude which I'm sure will one day get her in trouble. Some of her favourite things are playing at the beach, stealing socks and undies for her under bed stash and cuddling in Chris' arms. She loves to welcome us home, is very affectionate, active and just loves to play. I think she will always be a puppy at heart, she's such a happy dog and lives a very happy life."

"I've always wanted to work with animals in some capacity and have always had a love for photography. Being able to combine the two gives me perfect balance. Through photographing pets I'm able to use my skills as a photographer not only to create beautiful, meaningful imagery and memories to last a lifetime but also to help animals in need, by raising awareness and supporting worthy causes. This in turn gives me a real sense of fulfillment."

"My photography has always focussed on being on-location fun, natural and creative. I feel working with natural light in natural settings is the best way to capture a pet’s true personality as they are given the chance to simply be themselves. I always find it really hard to define my style but I feel my images are modern, fresh, vibrant and happy, images to make you smile and have a heartfelt warmth to them. I feel privileged that through my pet photography I get to meet other like minded pet loving people, their precious pets as well as sharing in and capturing their stories."

. Images Copyright Erin King Photographer .

With many thanks to Erin & Peanut for sharing their story with us. 

For more information about Erin and to view more of her fantastic 
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