20 Mar 2013

Fluffy Friends - Kira, Bixby, Waffles & Sox

Today we have the pleasure of introducing readers to the lovely Kira of Kira DeDecker Photography and her wonderful little pack of Pomeranians' - Sox, Bixby and Waffles! Kira
tells us about her pets, her love for animals and how she came to be a Pet Photographer...

"I'm head over heels in love with my three dogs, Sox, Bixby and Waffles.
Without them my floors would be cleaner, my bank account would be fuller and I
could sleep past eight but I would also be missing half of my heart."

. Super Sox .

Sox is headstrong, bossy and smart. He is a handful but we wouldn't have him any other
way. While all my dogs go crazy the moment they see me pick up my camera, Sox will
demand that I only take his photos! Sox is usually my go-to model, and has even learned
a special sign language for sit, stay, move, come and back."

. Beautiful Bixby .

"Bixby is my wild child/cuddle bug. She is either on the move or attached to your body.
There is no in between with her. She is also the friendliest most outgoing of the group.
She wants to be B.F.F. with every dog and person she meets and barks excitedly and
jumps 4 feet in the air when she meets a new friend."

. Wonderful Waffles .

"Waffles is the most recent addition to family. While Sox and Bixby might be big for the breed,
Waffles is HUGE. He weighs 17 pounds and comes up to my knees but he is a complete
sweetheart who loves snuggling and being pet. Waffles is nervous and shy around people he
doesn't know and as much as it kills my husband, I’m Waffle’s favorite person in the world."

"I’ve always loved pet photography. When I was child, I would place the underside of my
Lion King blanket as a backdrop and shoot my families’ bunnies. Despite growing up with a camera in my hand, taking photos of the family pets I never considered doing pet photography past a hobby. I grew up and all in the same year I lost my grandfather (and extra hard hit since I was also his hospice care provider) and my basset hound, Nikki as well as got married
to my highschool sweetheart, Tim.

Shortly after getting married, my husband ran into a local rescue group that had a bunch of dogs
that came from a local backyard breeder and despite being a very raw spot, we adopted Peetie,
a dog that everyone else looked over because she was older, bald and had a mouth full of rotten
teeth. With Peetie, I rediscovered my passion for pet photography and in 2011,
I started Kira DeDecker Photography."

. Sweetie Peetie .

"Sadly, in late 2011, she passed away from complications to gallstones. Since her passing, her
photos have become one of the few things I have to remember her by. In her honor to Peetie
and everything love means, I started offering Love sessions for the elderly and terminally ill pets."

"Like most pet photographers, my inspiration comes from my own pets but also the joy that they
bring into my life. I love capturing the little things that make each dog unique. I say embrace your pet’s imperfections because their might be a day you will miss their dirty paw prints and slobbery kisses."

With thanks to Kira for sharing her story and pets with us!

To see more of Kira's marvelous portfolio of work, 
head on over to her website www.kiradedecker.com

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