25 Mar 2013

Fluffy Friends - Allison, Ansel & Tilda

We are so pleased to introduce you to the fantastic Allison Mae Photography and her own beautiful pet dogs, Ansel and Tilda. Allison tells us about the inspirations behind her work, her approach to pet portraiture, how her career started and of course she shares with us her beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback Tilda and new addition to the family - her Border Collie puppy Ansel... 

"I find inspiration in the idea that our pets lead rich inner lives and have found that
portrait photography has a way of exposing this emotional landscape by removing the
clutter and laying bare the bonds we share. Pets are our confidants, our family, our
friends. And for an all too short time we are lucky enough to share our lives with these
incredible beings. Three years ago I started Allison Mae Photography with the aim of
documenting the lovely creatures who play such a starring role in our lives."

"Utilizing a mix of of fine art and photojournalism I let relationships unfold naturally in a
setting that is meaningful to both pet and human to create images that are beautiful and
authentic. I feel incredibly fortunate to work with the most amazing clients who
love their pets just as much as I do mine."

"I share my life with my wonderful husband and our two dogs: Tilda, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Ansel, a Border Collie. Tilda came to our family five years ago as a puppy. Thanks to her small stature and boundless energy she's often confused with a Viszla or occasionally even a puppy. She is absolutely the sweetest thing on four legs and has the craziest ears, which I love as the completely suit her slightly off-kilter personality. She also has the most adorable smile."

"Our dogs are very  much a part of our family and we take them with us whenever possible. Because we love to travel, this means plenty of planning and logging lots of hours in the car in order to make our trips as dog-friendly as possible.

These images of Tilda were taken on our trip to Montana this past fall."

"Ansel joined our family in January. Having only had Ridgebacks before we weren't quite
sure what to expect but I'm happy to report that he has been nothing short of fantastic.
Naturally, he's very smart and energetic, but he's also incredibly sweet and a great
snuggler. From the moment he came home he fit right in and it's hard to believe that
there was ever a time when he wasn't a part of our lives."

With Thanks to Allison for sharing her photography, pets and inspirations with us!

For more information and to see Allison's fab photography 
portfolio head on over to www.allisonmae.com/blog

You can also connect with Allsion via Twitter and Facebook:

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