26 Mar 2013

Pet Session - Scratch & Ali Lovegrove Photography

Today we have a session featuring Scratch the little Border terrier cross Jack Russell with lovely Leah Spicer of Golden Apple Designs. The session was captured by the wonderful wedding photographer Ali Lovegrove Photography when Scratch was just one year old. He is now two
and here is what Leah had to say about her pet dog and their session with Ali...

"Scratch is mostly Border Terrier with a little bit of Jack Russell added in, and I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old. He’s two now but was about 1 when the shoot took place. He has the funniest personality and makes me laugh every day! The border terrier in him means he is very inquisitive, loyal and loving, whilst the Jack Russell comes out during playtime. He loves to play and has tons of energy!"

"When we meet another dog on the park he lies down completely flat and crawls along on his belly with his back end wagging like mad which always causes much hilarity between myself and fellow dog owners! Having him around makes my life a better place and he is my best friend. I love taking a break in the middle of the day to take him for a walk or to have a run around and play, and when things get a bit stressful he gives the very best cuddles."

"The shoot took place one weekend when wedding photographer Ali Lovegrove came to visit – we met through the wedding industry and have become really great friends, and as a fellow dog lover she loves some Scratch cuddles when she comes to visit! It was a really frosty January morning with beautiful light, so Ali decided to take her camera to the park with us on our morning walk for an impromptu mummy and puppy shoot! It was so much fun, and I am so pleased that I have these beautiful images to treasure."

With Thanks to Ali for sharing her photography and to Leah for sharing her pet Scratch with us!

For more information and to see Ali Lovegrove's fab photography 
portfolio head on over to www.thealilovegrovephotographyblog.com

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