25 Feb 2013

Just Joey - Mr Baby

Over the years with my fiancĂ©, Catharine, I have cycled through a number of pet names for her from 'Chicken' and 'Hun' to 'Pineapple' and a host of others in between. When we adopted Joey from Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary I was in a 'Baby' phase. As in, "Would you pass me my cup of tea please, Baby?" After not too long it became apparent that every time I would say 'Baby' affectionately to Catharine, Joey would listen attentively and cock his head as though I were talking to him.

After this had happened on a few separate occasions I joked to the dog, "You're not Baby, you're Mr Baby!" And it stuck! Now I differentiate between the two of them by using 'Mr Baby' for Joey and just plain 'Baby' for Catharine. The dog still responds to both but at least Catharine and I know where we are up to.

I must confess, though that it can be a tad embarrassing when out and about at the park and "Come on Mr Baby!" spills loudly and automatically out of me as I call Joey to come over. Mr Baby has caught on with me so much that it has now started to give life to new names around our house. For example, Catharine is now referred to increasingly as 'Mrs Mummy', as in the Doggy Mummy of Mr Baby. Where will it end?

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