14 Feb 2013

Just Joey - Welcome!

Happy Valentine's Day & welcome to our first ever post and the launch of Itty Bitty & Fluffy! It has been an idea, brainchild & dream of ours to create this for some time now and we are thrilled that it is here!

Why did we want to create Itty Bitty & Fluffy?
Well, we both work as lifestyle photographers ourselves  as well as being graphic designers & in our photography work we love to tell beautiful stories through beautiful pictures and pets are indeed part of a family's story! We adore the work of so many fantastic pet photographers from
all over the world and we wanted a place to share their work.

Pet photography captures the personality of pets because they are not shy of the camera (unlike ourselves) and how amazing it is to see so many families wanting their pet involved in their family sessions, newly engaged couples including their fluffy friend in their engagement sessions and something we really love is that so many couples include their pets in their weddings now too. All of these are captured wonderfully by both pet and lifestyle photographers around the world. Their pictures inspire us, they give us moments that show us how loved pets are and that is something we are very passionate about indeed.

Being graphic designers too we enjoyed the opportunity to design the blog ourselves and we aim to bring our design edge & tastes to Itty Bitty & Fluffy by sharing stylish finds for all the style conscious pet owners & pet lovers out there.

As well as being inspired by pet & lifestyle photography we were inspired by our volunteer work for abandoned & unwanted animals. In our spare time we would walk dogs at a sanctuary which was filled to the brim. We learnt about different dogs & their stories, we met people who rescued them and gave them the forever homes they had always deserved and it is something we have become very passionate about. So many lovely people out there adopt rescue dogs and they have inspiring stories to share - which we hope to do.

The most profound inspiration behind the blog was adopting our own rescue dog, Joey. To read his story head on over to the Just Joey page. He is quite the character and we will be sharing his stories from time to time too!

We hope you take a look around the blog, read more about both the blog and ourselves here, and we cannot wait to share all the fantastic photography and finds people have sent us! If you are a professional photographer and have something related to share, pop by our submissions page here for our guidelines & submission requirements.

. Image Credit . Copyright Catharine Noble Photography . 

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