5 Apr 2013

Pet Session - Keri, Vita & Missy Moo Studio

We were so excited to have this submission from Julie of Missy Moo Studio! Julie sent in a recent favorite session of hers which features beautiful Vita with her Mother Keri. It is wonderful to see sessions which capture both the pet and owner together as it is such a special bond and relationship we share with our pets and we think that Julie has captured Kerri and Vita's love for each other perfectly.

This image is adorable and Vita seems to be cutely sticking her tongue out at the camera too! It is great that Keri and Vita are co-ordinated with Vita wearing a red collar and Keri complimenting this with her red cardigan and lip color - we of course love Keri's splash of leopard print too! 

Here's what Julie had to say about lovely Vita and their session together...

"Vita is a 3 year old pitbull mix (we think with German Shepard). She is sweet, loving, happy and super smart! We got her when the mother stopped feeding pups at 4 weeks old. She had to be bottle fed for weeks! She loves playing ball and all she wants to do is play fetch. She is hilarious in the fact that she is huge but she has never chewed up her ball! She keeps it in very good care and condition!!

Also pictured is her mommy Keri. Keri is a makeup artist so you can see why she looks so flawless!"

. Images by Missy Moo Studio .

With Thanks to Julie and Keri for sharing these with us!

To see more of Julie / Missy Moo Studio's portfolio of work,
head on over to


  1. Gorgeous! I love the vibrancy - both in colors and personalities! :)


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