11 May 2013

Pet Session - Tiffany & Kathy Lui Photography

A special session with a very cute little lady landed in our inbox from the talented Kathy Lui Photography and we couldn't wait to share it! Introducing Tiffany the Yorkshire Terrier who is actually 14.5 years old! Kathy says that Tiffany is calm, enjoys her snuggles, sunny days and of course walkies! We really liked the locations Kathy used for this session with both rural settings and more urban looking scenes making a fantastic collection of photographs...

Here is what Kathy had to say about her session with Tiffany...

"We had this session in Tiffany's neighborhood where she feels happiest and most comfortable. Because she is now well into her senior years, her Mom and Dad wanted to have some quality photos of her to be displayed around the house. One of the tricks we used to get Tiffany to look at the camera in a few shots was to actually put a treat right in front of her. Her Dad told me that she will attempt to look everywhere else but the treat because it would be too tempting...and she would try hard to resist temptation. It worked! And it was hilarious!"

. Images by Kathy Lui Photography .

With Thanks to Tiffany and Kathy Lui Photography for sharing their inspiring session with us!

To see more of Kathy Lui Photography's portfolio of work head on over to kathylui.com/blog

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