7 Jun 2013

Joey & Teddy - Teddy Tries a Spot of Gardening...

We love spending time in our garden and with a glorious week of sunny, warm, weather we decided a spot of gardening was in order. Teddy thought the same and was very keen to help! We had just bought some new plants and pots to add to our collection and set ourselves up in the garden to do some planting. 

As I knelt down filling up the plant post with soil I had Joey on one side of me licking my face - if you bend down he never misses an opportunity to kiss you! On the other side I had Teddy biting my glove!

As this mayhem calmed down I began to plant a pretty new Alpine with round clusters of flowers, only to realise Teddy was sat there looking rather pleased with himself - with one of the pretty clusters of flowers poking out of his mouth! He kindly dropped it into another plant pot for me! 

Of course I had to get the camera for this and as I returned my cheeky little gardening assistant has decided to hold one of my gardening gloves to ransom! Gardening has never been so funny!

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