12 Jun 2013

Pet Session - Penny & Chocolate Moose Images

It was wonderful to receive this submission from Jess, the photographer behind Chocolate Moose Images and we are delighted to share her pet photography session with Penny the Tuxedo Cat! It is great to be able the share more and more pet cat photography sessions and stories. Penny is actually a rescue cat { you know we love to share the positives of pet adoptions, rescues and fostering } and now we'll hand you over to Jess who will tell us more about their lovely session together...

"This is Penny! She is a 3.5 year old tuxedo cat who was found in a park back in November 2010. She went to the Feline Rescue/Cause for Paws and eventually made her way to Woody’s Pet Food Deli in St. Paul, MN where she lived while waiting for her forever home. It really didn’t take too long before Michelle and Enrique (the owners of the store) realized her forever home should be their home."

"The session was filled with treats, feathers and sunshine. It was a rather warm and sunny evening in June but I was thrilled that I was able to work with a cat outside, which is pretty rare. She has a pretty fantastic set up with a harness + leash that attaches to the door of the family’s house allowing her to wander or lie around in the sunshine as much as she would like. Penny is pretty mellow and a complete sweetie who LOVES treats. She's been known to even break into cabinets to get snacks!"

. Images by Chocolate Moose Images
With Thanks to Penny and also Jess of Chocolate Moose Images
for sharing their beautiful session with us.

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  1. woo :) thanks for sharing!!

  2. Penny is adorable! I always love the way Jess captures the personality of her subjects!


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