26 Jul 2013

Joey & Teddy - Teddy is a Hair Ball...

Ok, so we knew when we adopted Teddy that his grooming routine would be much more involved than Joey's. It is actually quite theraputic as Teddy will happily lie there, falling asleep and he very much enjoys it! It also makes for a nice bonding time together too. So, we anticipated grooming time and extra dog hair to clean up, but what we didn't expect was just how much hair Teddy sheds!

Each day he is groomed with a special comb / brush for his longer coat and also his undercoat and we always joke about the fact that we could make mini Teddy toys from the amount of hair each grooming session accumulates. At first we put this down to him being an outside dog at the dog shelter before we adopted him, and so becoming an indoors dog again he was shedding a lot. Then we put it down to summer arriving and some rather hot weather, but after 2 months we have a new theory - Teddy is just a hair ball!

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