31 Jul 2013

Pet Session - The Barn by Mary Maier Photography

We have a beautiful photography session today based around a visit to a barn and its horses. Shot by Mary Maier Photography, I just loved how she documented it - revealing details such as equipment and signage, which build a fantastic picture of the Barn and the atmosphere there...

Here's what Mary had to say about her session...

"With these images, I wanted to capture the feeling of my family’s barn on a cold winter afternoon. I was most inspired by the contrast between the bright afternoon sun as it poured into the dark interior of the barn. On this day the horses were quiet and calm as they went through their routine. There are so many details in the barn—the bridles, the shoes, the tools—and each one seems to wait patiently for its turn, just like the horses."

. Images by Mary Maier Photography .

With Thanks to Mary Maier Photography for sharing this beautiful session with us!

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