20 Jul 2013

Pet Session - Lauren & Her Pack by Willow & Co. Photography

Meet Lauren and her very own pack of pet dogs, Gozer, Lady, Doobie, and foster puppy Milkshake! Photographed by the super stylish duo Willow & Co. who captured Lauren's little pack of pups perfectly, their individuality and of course the love and bond they all share - especially with Lauren! Such a touching, heartfelt session that will fill your heart with warmth and make you smile all day!

We hand over to the lovely Grace of Willow & Co. who tells us more about Lauren, her pups and their beautiful photography session together...

"This has been one of our favourite shoots to date. In 2012 we spent a month in the U.S., travelling from Alaska to New York and back to the West coast again. Our last stop was San Fransisco and there we met up with the beautiful Lauren, photographer/artist of Ruffles Art Studio and her four dogs: Gozer, Lauren’s long-legged BFF; Lady, the little white fluffy who is an ex-therapy dog and gives cuddles on command; Doobie, the beautiful old soul with amazing eyes; and Milkshake, who at the time was her foster puppy (successfully rehomed not long after this shoot!) and who is partially blind and deaf though that didn’t stop him from wiggling his way all over the backyard.

It was a very wet and rainy day but you don’t fly halfway across the world and cancel a shoot, so we all braved the rain and later took Gozer and Lady to climb Bernal Heights Hill, the highest point in San Fran with an amazing view of the city!"

. Images by Willow & Co .

With Thanks to Lauren, Gozer, Lady, Doobie, Milkshake and
Willow & Co. Photography for sharing their heartwarming session with us today!

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  1. I just love the way that this session captures the obvious love between all members of this pack with their leader!


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