30 Dec 2013

Introducing a New Look, New Friends, Features and Postings!

As we wave Goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014, we also say hello to some new changes to Itty Bitty Fluffy blog! This year has been packed full of amazing photography sessions from the absolute best pet photographers from all over the globe and I couldn't be more proud of the fantastic start the blog had! However, Itty Bitty Fluffy is something I do in my spare time as well as the sister blog Itty Bitty Mini. I run my own fine art photography company, Catharine Noble Photography and of course I do graphic design and blog for Itty Bitty Bijou. Phew, yes I am busy!

The blog was growing more and more popular with lots of submissions coming in each week, and it started to go somewhere that I hadn't quite expected or the time to fulfill. So, I have regrouped and I'll be sticking to the original direction of Itty Bitty Fluffy, but don't worry - there will still be plenty of photo sessions from our favorite photographers too!

So what's new?

* You'll notice that the blog has a new look which I love!

* There are lots of new friends to introduce you to and of course we will be catching up with all our Fluffy Friends Photographers too!

* Postings will be a little less than before but quality is better than quantity as I'm sure you'll all agree. We hope to post three times per week to begin the year with.

* We have different features coming up as we want to share and discuss more products for both pets and pet lovers.

* Joey and Teddy will feature a lot more on the blog - they got a little left behind previously to make way for all the photo submissions we had each week but they are indeed a key feature of Itty Bitty Fluffy. We want to promote the joy of pet ownership and share our adventures with them as well as raising awareness for rescues and adoptions too.

* It's not just a blog for dogs! Something we really want readers to realize is that whilst we have many features on dogs, we are not just a dog blog. If you look through our photography sessions from last year you'll find beautiful pet cats, horses and even the odd goat and chicken ( yes really! ). We of course can relate to dogs more as we have pet dogs ourselves but we are keen to broaden the pet spectrum!

So, stay tuned for plenty of beautiful, pet related posts and don't forget to follow us on Bloglovin to be notified of new posts!

Catharine x

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