5 Jan 2014

Animology Fox Poo Dog Shampoo | Review

Joey and Teddy enjoy daily walks in the countryside at beautiful local parks where they can roam off leash, but sometimes they do manage to find something 'lovely' to roll in! Of course that means bath time when we get back home! However, we found that the really horrid pong they had rolled in lingered - yuk!

So, I found a dog shampoo by Animology which was aptly named 'Fox Poo' and it's designed for such occasions! The shampoo is actually enriched with conditioners and even Pro-Vitamin B5 which is fantastic because I was concerned about it being too harsh on a dogs coat or skin.

We didn't have to wait too long until we could try it out...

Catharine Noble Photography

Firstly, it smells delicious and even seemed to glisten! I tried some on my own hands before bathing the doggies and it didn't dry or irritate them. That's a great sign as my skin can be sensitive. We tried just one wash /application and sure enough the stinky smell had gone and the boys were left with a subtle pleasant smelling, shiny, coats. A job well done! I was so impressed I purchased another bottle right away so that I have a spare in stock.

For more information about Animology Fox Poo Shampoo and other products in their range,

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