23 Jan 2014

Photography Session - Major's Equine Session by Allison Mae Photography

We don't just featured dogs here on Itty Bitty Fluffy, we feature cats and we've even had the odd goat and chicken before too! Something I am truly excited about is featuring Equine photography and I couldn't be more thrilled to share this stunning Equine session shot by Allison Mae Photography! Meet Major, a very handsome horse indeed...

Allison tells us about their session together; "Major is a handsome warmblood gelding. I absolutely love horses, so I’m always extra excited when I’m contacted about an equine photography opportunity. Our session took place on a warm August evening punctuated by late summer showers. A retired show horse, Major’s now living the good life filled with lots of love and extra carrots. He’s as docile as can be, but every once in awhile he likes a good zoom around the pasture!"

With Thanks to Allison and Major for sharing their beautiful session with us today!

See more of Allison's fantastic portfolio of work at www.allisonmae.com
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