18 Feb 2013

Fab Finds - Oogy's Book

We read and review: Oogy - The dog only a family could love by Larry Levin

Larry Levin takes us on a heart warming journey in this inspiring book based around Oogy the rescue dog.  We delve deep into the lives of the family as we discover tiumph over adversity in many forms. Larry brings us into the family as he looks back over the years and nourishes us with his loving tales including the adoption of twin boys, fond memories of loved and lost pets and, of course, the family's adoption of Oogy the dog.

The story centres largely around Oogy and his arrival into the Levin household after overcoming all the odds to survive. As a defenceless little puppy Oogy had been used as bait for fighting dogs. He was malnourished, had a broken jaw and a missing ear. He was left for dead without medical treament until he was discovered by chance in a police raid. The book takes us through Oogy's recovery and his determination to survive in the face of adversity before landing his forever home with the Levin's after a chance encounter at the veterinary clinic.

Despite his horrendous start to life Oogy didn't fail to become the family dog of the Levin's dreams. The book also serves to show how Oogy, depite being a large bull breed, was able to over come people's prejudices and win many hearts. A redemptive and fulfilling story which brings a happy tear to your eye, Oogy: The dog only a family could love teaches us a lesson in unconditional love between pets and people and families.

If you have read Oogy's book what did you think?
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