2 Apr 2013

Pet Session - Rocky, Diva & Kira DeDecker Photography

We are thrilled to share this brilliant pet photography session by Kira DeDecker Photography who was recently featured as a Fluffy Friend of Itty Bitty & Fluffy { here }. Kira sent us this cute session of Boxers' Rocky and Diva - aren't they just great names for Boxers! Now we'll hand over to Kira who will tell us a bit more about these beautiful Boxer dogs and their photography session together...

"Rocky and Diva are two adorable boxers who love running, playing and hamming it up for the camera. Usually it takes dogs a few minutes to warm up to me and the camera but the moment Diva spotted us, she ran inside and grabbed a toy to give us. Rocky was a just young pup when we met him - not even a year old - but he loved all the attention. I seriously couldn’t get enough of these two lovable goofballs!"

"Their session took place at their parent’s beautiful home in Scottsdale AZ.  Diva, was a diagnosed with DM (Degenertive Myelopathy) several years ago, but because of her parent’s love and diligence, she has been living a full and happy life!"

With thanks to Kira for sharing her beautiful photographs of Rocky and Diva with us!
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To see more of Kira's marvelous portfolio of work, 
head on over to her website www.kiradedecker.com

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