11 Apr 2013

Pet Session - Simba, Zoe and Chase & Snap Pet Photography

We have our first ever Cat Photography Session to share today and it is brought to you by the fantastic Stephanie of Chase & Snap Pet Photography. Here's what Stephanie had to say about her session with super cute seniors, Simba and Zoe...

"I haven't photographed cats in a while now so I was glad to have the opportunity. Photographing cats are definitely different than photographing dogs. With dogs you can semi pose and direct them, have them sit or lie down. With cats it's a whole other story, and they run the show. Luckily Simba was such a sweetheart. And Zoe loved to show off for the camera so I had to sneak in a shot of her as well."

Simba and Zoe's owner Maryann tells us about her beautiful pet cats' who as rescues have found their forever family and happy home with her...

"Simba is eighteen years old and is one of a litter of kittens born to a very pregnant six-month old cat rescued by a former boss. He's a Domestic Shorthair tabby and has lived with me since he was 10 weeks old and may be the sweetest cat on the planet. He is diabetic and receives an insulin shot twice a day, but he is always first in the kitchen at meal times. Now a senior gentleman, Simba likes to spend his days in his basket by the patio door, watching birds and squirrels in the yard. He loves people, dogs and other cats and especially enjoys visits from his friend Hanna, a West Highland Terrier."

"Zoe is also a Domestic Shorthair (I guess that's a catch-all term for "generic") and was rescued from the MCSPCA 12 years ago. She is a  Polydactyl cat, having six toes on each of her front paws. Zoe is my office "helper" and spends almost all of her time on my desk warming herself under the lamp. Periodically she will let me know it;s time for a break by reaching out and swatting me with one of her big mitts for a few minutes of head scratching."

"Simba and Zoe, along with kitty siblings Gracie, Emmy, Nico and
Carmine, graciously allow me to share their condo."

With Thanks to Stephanie of Chase & Snap Photography, Simba,
Zoe and Maryann for sharing their session with us!

To see more of Chase & Snap Pet Photography's super portfolio
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  1. I love polydactyls - they're such cool cats! And how wonderful you were able to capture Simba in his golden years! :)

  2. Simba has a very unique look, and great choice to photograph him in that fabulous colorful bedroom!


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