About Catharine

Hello Lovelies! I'm Catharine, the founder and blogger behind Itty Bitty Fluffy blog as well as Itty Bitty Mini, and Itty Bitty Bijou. My job is actually as a fine art Photographers with my husband-to-be James. Together we run Catharine Noble Photography and capture beautiful weddings, families and of course pets!

I have always loved animals, especially dogs! My family has always had pet dogs and I couldn't wait for James and I to be able to have our own. James calls me 'The Dog Botherer' - a name that I still live up to even though I now how two of my own!

I am a doggy Momma to my beautiful rescue dogs Joey and Teddy and hope to always have dogs in my life! Itty Bitty Fluffy blog was born from several passions of mine - animals, photography and Joey. Joey was our first dog and I learnt so much through the experience of rescuing and adoption, rehabilitating and training him and also becoming a Mother to my fur baby.

I truly believe that pets are a part of the family and hold a very special place in our hearts. I wanted a place to share Joey and Teddy, our journey together, our adventures, fun times and to promote dog rescues. I also wanted a place to share the creative talents of the worlds finest pet photographers and their beautiful sessions which show pets, their personalities and unique bonds with their families.

I am passionate about raising awareness for and supporting adopt and rescues both her on my blog and also by donating my time as a volunteer at the sanctuary where I found my own pets. I also offer my photography for free to help dogs in need find homes too.

When I'm not working, blogging or out with Joey and Teddy, I like to:
* curl up with a good book snuggled with Joey and Teddy,
* make inspiration boards for weddings, showers and parties ( see them on my other blogs )
* cook delicious homemade food - usually Jamie Oliver recipes!
* read my favourite blogs and catch up with my fave Photographers with a nice cup of tea,
* spend time outdoors, finding pretty places, taking photographs and even camping!

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