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Itty Bitty & Fluffy is a blog to share 'Fab Finds' for both pet owners and pet lovers. We have an exclusive list of the best finds for the Fluffies in your life from beautiful boutiques to brilliant books. If you think you have something to share pop by our Submissions page and get in touch!

We love to read and review books about pets and the books included in our lists below will link directly to our review when posted...
A Member of The Family . Cesar Millan
Bones Would Rain From the Sky . Suzanne Clothier
Bonding With Your Dog . Victoria Schade
Cesar's Rules . Cesar Millan
Cooking the Three Dog Bakery Way . Dan Dye & Mark Beckloff
Dogs I Have Met & the People They Have Found . Ken Foster
Dogs Never Lie About Love . Jeffrey Masson
I'm a Good Dog . Ken Foster
Inside of a Dog - What Dogs See Smell & Know . Alexandra Horowitz
Lightweights . Sharon Montrose
Lost Dogs & Lonely Hearts . Lucy Dillon
Menagerie . Sharon Montrose
Mutts . Sharon Montrose
The Dog Lover's Companion . Vicky Barkes
The Dogs Who Found Me . Ken Foster
The French Dog . Rachael McKenna
The Loved Dog . Tamar Geller
The Organic Dog Biscuit Book . Jessica Disbrow
The Secret of Happily Ever After . Lucy Dillion
Wallace . Jim Gorant
A Cat Called Norton . Peter Gethers
Casper the Commuting Cat . Susan Finden
Cleo - The Cat Who Mended a Family . Helen Brown
Homer's Odessey . Gwen Cooper
Talk to the Tail . Tom Cox
The Dalai Lama's Cat . David Michie
The French Cat . Rachael McKenna
The Life & Love of Cats . Lewis Blackwell
Tilly - The Ugliest Cat . Celia Haddon

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