10 Apr 2013

Pet Session - Bandit & Thomas Pitera Photography

We are super excited to share this lovely pet photography session of beautiful little Bandit the Beagle cross by Thomas Pitera Photography! Bandit is a rescue dog and was adopted by Aubrey & Chris in 2011, he is estimated to be between 3 and 4 years old and we think you will agree that he is rather adorable! We will follow up with his rescue story later this week too.

Here's what Thomas Pitera Photography had to say about Bandit's session...
"According to his people, he's very lazy. For the session, he was very cooperative for string cheese and green beans! He has a special bond with Chris, who claims that Bandit is his favorite of their four dogs. On the way home from the session, Bandit even pulled Chris along on his skateboard!"

Watch out for Bandit's follow up feature where we hear from his parents Aubrey & Chris about
his rescue and how he has fit into their family. Of course with more wonderful
photos from Thomas Pitera Photography!

With Thanks to Bandit, Aubrey, Chris & Thomas Pitera Photography for
sharing their beautiful Pet Photography session with us!

To see more of Thomas Pitera's beautiful porfolio and for more
information head on over to

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