25 May 2013

Engagement & Pet Session - Thomas Pitera Photography

We are proud to share with you this lovely engagement session today by Thomas Pitera Photography. Starring Jay, Kristen and their cute little pet dog Toby! Here's what Thomas Pitera Photography had to say about their session together...

"Jay and Kristen have had Toby since he was a puppy! He's a purebred Shiba Inu, and he's just over a year old now. He's incredibly sweet and inquisitive, and he has a tendency to want to munch on everything in sight. He loves going on walks and exploring the neighborhood."

"Being in Florida, we're always at the mercy of the weather. The first day we scheduled Jay and Kristen's engagement session, we had to postpone because it was raining and because Kristen was still multi-colored from a color run she had participated in that morning! We re-scheduled for the following weekend, but we were still worried about the weather holding out. We went to Jay and Kristen's neighborhood and hoped for the best! It was windy and drizzled on occasion, but we all stuck it out. We're so glad we did because despite the gloomy, overcast skies, we got some really fantastic shots of the happy couple, who will be getting married in Key West this December!"

Congratulations to Jay & Kristen and we hope they have a lovely wedding a happy future together!

With Thanks to Jay, Kristen, Toby and Thomas Pitera Photography
for sharing their session with us today.

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by heading on over to www.thomaspiteraphotography.com

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