1 May 2013

Fluffy Friends - Brittani, Riley & Lexi

We are delighted to introduce you to Brittani the amazing photographer behind Britt Croft Photography and of course her dogs Riley and Lexi. We truly admire Brittani's lifestyle photography work for weddings, families and of course pets! We also love the wonderful work she does in opening her home and life to foster Labradors too. We hand over to Brittani to tell us more about her beautiful Labradors Riley & Lexi as well as Britt Croft Photography...

"My name is Brittani Croft and I'm a wedding and pet photographer head over heels in love with my family, four-legged kids, and my job. While the core my business is now centered around weddings and the type of love those with two legs share, my business was initially inspired by my love for animals and the unexplainable bond people share with their pets. I grew up with horses and dogs, both of which were considered members of the family. As a kid, we always had "family dogs" but I'd always dreamed of having my very own dog."

"When I was 18, my mom finally obliged and soon came Riley. For such an energetic and on-the-move yellow lab, Riley ended up being my most patient model, and after two years practicing with my camera on him, my business was officially born. Since then I've had the honor of documenting many incredible relationships between pets and their people, and it's a job and honor I take seriously and pour myself into. It saddens me how short our pets lives are in comparison to ours, so I strongly believe that anyone who loves their dogs should have professional images to commemorate that intangible bond you share together."

"You may notice that Riley seems to have a slightly smaller "twin." Lexi is our two-year-old female lab and together she and Riley are quite the duo. Working from home can be lonely, but these two are my constant companions and are always inspiring me to get outside, explore, and see my surroundings in a new way that truly makes my heart happy. They are undoubtedly a huge part of our family and come with us everywhere...on vacations, road trips, and they were even in attendance at our wedding. They have quite a number of miles under those paws!"

"Riley and Lexi have also inspired my husband and I to foster for our local lab rescue several times a year. We feel so strongly that the personality, energy level, and demeanor of the Labrador Retriever fits our home so well and it's been such an honor playing a role in several other wonderful dogs happy endings."

We have a super follow up feature for Brittani coming up this week so
don't forget to check back for that!

With many Thanks to Brittani, Riley, Lexi  and Britt Croft Photography
for sharing these beautiful images and story with us.

To see more of  Brittani Croft Photography's beautiful portfolio
of work head on over to


  1. What a gorgeous pair! I love them lounging on the bed together.

  2. Thank you so much for the feature! I may be biased but I sure do love my pups and am glad you see something special about them too :)

  3. Lexi and Riley are awesome!


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