30 Jul 2013

Pet Session - Adorable Adoptable Kittens by Sarah Beth Photography

Please welcome Sarah Beth Photography as she share with us this beautiful session of a litter of cheeky little black kittens for PPR. Sarah does lots of work with PPR and is passionate about helping animals in need to find their happy new homes and forever families. Below she tells us more about this and of course about these cute little kittys who are in need of homes...

"Pet Project Rescue is one of my favorite local organizations. They're a foster-based rescue, dedicated to reducing the homeless pet population, both at home and in communities in Mexico. Working to curb the problem at its source, they fund countless spay / neuter clinics, many for low-income owners and those with "bully breeds," as well as TNR (trap / neuter / return) programs for feral cats. This litter of 5 black kittens is a great example of what PPR does, and represents several problems in the homeless pet world. Pregnant cats and their unwanted litters are often dropped off at animal control when their humans can't or don't want to care for them. Colonies of feral cats live all over the city, reproducing constantly and compounding the population. Black cats (and dogs) in particular are largely overlooked at shelters, with potential adopters opting for more colorful or "unique-looking" animals."

"Groups like Pet Project Rescue, with the resources to care for these animals and take steps to reduce the problems in general, are doing amazing work. These kittens don't live in steel cages, they were raised in a foster home with lots of toys and beds, socialized with other cats and handled daily by both adults and children. The foster knows each one individually, and can help match personalities with new owners, raising the odds of successful adoptions. This particular crew was a lot of fun to photograph; they're super playful and spunky, and I'm sure they'll find fantastic forever homes in no time!"

 . Images by Sarah Beth Photography .

With Thanks to Sarah Beth Photography & PPR for sharing their session with us!

To see more of Sarah's beautiful portfolio of pet photography work,
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  1. Cutest litte madkaps that are hard to take a photo of. Great job, Sarah.
    Yours sincerely,
    Susan from Germany


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