1 Mar 2013

Fluffy Friends Sarah, Sadie & Eva

Today we are delighted to welcome Sarah of the wonderful Sarah McGraw Photography and
her beautiful fur babies Sadie and Eva. Sarah talks to us about her work as as a Pet Photographer
and how her beautiful career began, her inspirations and of course her pets and mascots - the super cute Sadie & Eva.

Over to Sarah...

My name is Sarah McGraw - a lover of warmth, sunlight, nature, animals, and anything free and beautiful. I try to convey this everyday in my business, McGraw Photography, where I photograph modern images of posh pets. My main mascots are Eva and Sadie, my two loyal Lab-mixes. They are constantly by my feet when I'm sitting at my computer, on my lap when I'm watching TV, pushing their ball or frisbee on me during play time, or bumping my hand off my keyboard while I'm typing (that's why I have so many spelling mistakes. Well, that's my excuse anyway). I also have two friendly kitties but they would rather be eating that getting their picture taken. :)

I started McGraw Photography 3 years ago. I initially launched my business offering architectural photography but quickly realized that my heart wasn't in that genre. I tried other things such as children, babies, and maternity, but nothing quite felt right. Finally, my mom mentioned something about pet photography. This was a whole new world to me - something I never knew existed! It was a perfect match! I always wanted to work with animals. I even got a biology degree thinking I would go to vet school or become a zoologist. Everything finally fell into place and now pet photography is all that I do. I couldn't be happier!

Fortunately, as a pet photographer and mother to 4 animals, I always have a subject available to photograph. Eva and Sadie quickly became my go-to models when scouting a new location or just vacationing in a photogenic area. They are actually really good models too...er, maybe I should say realistic models. They certainly don't like to sit and stay for the camera. They are usually go, go, go which is how most of my clients' dogs are! It certainly keeps me running around and ready for anything!

With Eva and Sadie's help, I quickly developed my style of pet photography. I kinda threw away some of the rules I learned in my photography classes and went with what I felt in my heart. I love warmth and light and nature and really wanted to incorporate that into my look. I began to turn my camera around and shoot into the sun, blowing out my highlights, and having washed-out skies. I love to crank up the warmth in post and give my images a clean, natural, and timeless feeling. I might not have technically correct images 100% of the time but, with pet photography, it's so much more about the moment, the feeling, and the expression on the dog's face. I want the viewer to feel warm and fuzzy inside when they look at one of my images.

I am so grateful that Eva and Sadie have entered my life. Not just because they model for me but because they have really made our house a home (maybe a super hairy one).

We adopted Eva about 6 years ago and she is the first dog I've had as an adult. She was a super cute puppy (of course) and had the curliest brown fur on her neck. She no doubt has retriever in her because she is obsessed with her frisbee - ob-freakin-sessed. She can run and catch a frisbee with the best of them! She is extremely smart and kinda does things on her own terms. But, and the end of the day, she just wants to curl up with her mommy and daddy.

When Eva was 4, we decided it was time to get a second dog. We looked and looked for quite some time but we couldn't find the perfect match. Then, one day we went to the pet store and they were having an adoption event. I saw Sadie's adorable black face and it was love at first sight. We adopted her the next day and she instantly made herself at home in our house. She LOVES her big sister and is super-excited to be part of our pack. She is THE happiest dog ever and she could probably knock you down on the ground with how hard she wags her tail. She always wants to cuddle and can make anyone happy with her smile.

My husband's limit for dogs in the house is 2. However, I could easily have 4 or 5! Lucky for him, every dog I photograph becomes part of my "family" - they just don't happen to live with us. I seriously fall in love with every dog I photograph and nothing warms my heart more than getting updates on how they are doing. I'm so glad I have the doggy "family" that I do!!!

. Images by Sarah McGraw Photography .

With Thanks to Sarah for sharing her story and family with us!

To find out more about Sarah McGraw Photography and 
to see her amazing portfolio head on over to...

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