9 Mar 2013

Just Joey - Workaholics

Before we adopted our rescue dog Joey, we would happily work, work, work - all hours, day and night. We would be starting at 8am and finishing at midnight - not because we had to but because we love what we do so much! The timing when we brought Joey home was perfect for us as it was late October, the end of Autumn and the start of the winter months, when the wedding season is quiet and or work load is less. We knew that we would have that extra spare time to train him, ease him into his new life and, of course, bond with him.

Staffy Lab Cross Joey the Staffador rescued dog puppy posing for photograph on his bed

As the months pass by we are all getting on amazingly and Joey often sits snuggled up on his bed, in our studio, whilst we work. He is quiet and content and seems to understand when it is 'work time' for us. The late nights spent working on mood-boards until 2am have now become fewer and farther between. If it is 8pm or later, Joey will begin to let out loud grumbles and prolonged sighs of discontent- no doubt letting us know that he far from impressed! He just wants to snuggle up and isn't feeling settled until we all do so - whether it is watching a movie, reading a book or time for bed.

Joey has become our 'studio dog workload-supervisor' and we now realise what workaholics we are! He tells us when it is time to call it a day, he encourages us to relax, and if we stay on the laptop too late in an evening he will even make an effort to nudge it out of the way too!

After getting into this new routine together you realise that by working too much you are hindering and stifling your creativity and inspirations. As much as you enjoy or love your work, you do need to stop and live - how else are you going to generate new ideas? Getting the dog's perspective on when enough is enough has been refreshing, revitalising and even relaxing!

. Image by Catharine Noble Photography .


  1. I totally understand this! My dog Luna always lets me know when it's time for a walk at the end of the day with her pointed sighs and constant presence right at my elbow at around 5pm. Without her there, I work on through until my partner gets home, often later in the evening. She is the best reminder I have to live life and stop work!

  2. So funny, I know those grumbles only too well! My dog Scratch is very vocal and will always tell me if he's getting bored or it's time to stop work!


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