7 Mar 2013

Pet Session - Wookie & Nisha Ravji Photography

Today we are pleased to share a super cute session by Nisha Ravji Photography of her Mother's lovely little Maltese Poodle cross, Wookie. Named after Wookie from Star Wars this little puppy has just as big a character! Nisha tells us about Wookie's eventful arrival at Christmas 2012...

"When Wookie first came off the plane from Palmerston north ( about a six hour drive from where we are in Auckland) this huge carrier basket came off the aircraft and everyone, including airline staff eagerly awaited what would emerge from the darkness of the crate....hysterics of laughter erupted when this tiny little dog sleepily poked her head out. However we were to be fooled because she is not the lap dog, but instead an energetic little body that is never sitting still, happiest when chasing birds in our yard, escaping and visiting the neighbours or (trying) to terrorise the neighbourhood cats."

. Images by Nisha Ravji Photography

With thanks to Nisha for sharing her photos and little Wookie with us.

For more information about Nisha's wedding and portrait photography
work head on over to her website

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