6 Mar 2013

Just Joey - Our Little Ray of Sunshine

Joey the Staffador (Labrador Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross) is turning out to be a super boy!  At around 21 months old Joey is a bundle of energy and loves to explore, run, play and push boundaries as much as he can. Joey has come a long way since he found his forever family in Catharine and I.

Joey has been with us now for around 4 months and has already enriched our lives in so many ways it would be impossible to keep track of how much positivity he brings to our lives. He manages to bring his own unique brand of joy into our home every day and brings smiles to our faces and laughter to our hearts even during the most difficult moments of the daily grind. I already wonder what we did before he arrived!

The little ray of floppy eared sunshine is currently snoozing by my side as I write and beyond him, a couple of metres away, sits his favourite Doggy Mummy, and my fiancé, Catharine. If he was not there filling that gap, if he had never entered our lives, I wouldn't even have been aware of the massive gaping space where he should be. He suits us down to the ground and fits in perfectly with us as though he is the missing piece of an old jigsaw rescued after being long forgotten down the back of a radiator.

Joey completes the picture for us in so many ways but the most profound thing about adopting this poor, unwanted little dog is the fact that I thought we were rescuing him when, in fact, it turns out he has rescued us too in so many ways! We often refer to him as 'our little ray of sunshine' and we think he may feel the same about us too!

We thought it was appropriate to include some photos of Joey enjoying the spring sunshine!

To read more about Joey and of course ourselves you can read his rescue story
on the Just Joey page and see more Just Joey posts here too. 
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