17 Apr 2013

Pet Session - Mugsey & Nicole Begley Photography

Today we are pleased to bring you a beautiful pet photography session by Nicole Begley Photography, featuring Mugsey and his parents! Mugsey is a rescue dog and we are delighted to share his rescue story with our readers in a follow up post. For now we will hand over to Nicole who tells us about marvelous little Mugsey and their session together...

"Please meet Mugsy Bogues Florio, a boxer/pit bull mix, who has been with his current family since December of 2007. Musgy was adopted by his current parents after his previous owners moved and left him locked in an abandoned car in the back yard of his old home in the middle of the winter. He is now incredibly spoiled by his new parents and has joined them on trips all over the eastern half of the United States!"

"Mugsy is currently battling cancer and participated in a Tribute Session, which is a special session specifically for ill or elderly pets. He is quite a fighter though so we are all very hopeful that he is going to continue to have a nice long life being spoiled by his family. He's actually going to be a big brother to a little baby human in just a few months too!"

With Thanks to Mugsey, his parents and Nicole Begley Photography for sharing their session with us.

To see more of Nicole's super portfolio of work,
head on over to www.

Don't forget to check back and see Mugsey's rescue story too!

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