18 Apr 2013

Pet Session - Tessa & Happy Tails Photography

Prepare for an overload of cuteness as we share this stunning puppy portrait session by Stacey of Happy Tails Photography. Meet Tessa a beautiful little Cockapoo puppy who is just three months old and far too adorable! Over to Stacey to tells us more about Tessa and their session together...

"Her owners fell in love with her sweet little face and markings on her fur, and adopted her from a breeder quite a distance away via photos. She has an older sister named Elliotte, a 12-year-old cockapoo (also in one of the photos).

As her owner, Lori, says: "We thought that Elliotte would like to have a little friend, and that it might bring a new spring to her step. Their relationship is what you would expect between an old woman who just wants to relax and a little baby who just wants to play all the time. When they're both tired, they snuggle together on the couch, which is really cute."

"Tessa is a typical puppy: she loves to play, is always on the go, is often up to mischief (she loves to dig up the planter on the back deck at least once a day) and has tons of energy. These photos represent the few seconds in between all the action!"

We just loved this session and it is a wonderful idea to have a pet photography session of
your pet whilst they are young as it dosen't seem to last for long. It is magical to capture
those precious puppy moments of innocence and playfulness. 

With Thanks to Tessa, Elliote, Lori and of course Stacey of
Happy Tails Photography for sharing their super cute session with us.

To see more of the Happy Tails Photography portfolio of work
head on over to

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  1. Tessa is cuter than a teddy bear! Love the polka-dot blanket, too. Great work, Stacey!

  2. This may be the cutest dog ever.

  3. I just messaged my bf and said 'we are getting one of these!!'


    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

  4. Oh my gosh Mr E and I were thinking about getting a Cockapoo and I think Tessa has us convinced! Do you know what sort of Cocker Spaniel x Poodle she is - American or English? Oh she is adorable!! x

  5. What a gorgeous puppy! Beautiful pictures, they seem so surreal in a way because Tess is so darn cute. Nice session!

  6. can I just say...when I first saw this photo I thought he was a stuff animal...absolutely adorable...great photos..

  7. Whoa, this is such a cute dog ! But you can't find any of these in Europe, right ?
    Wonderful blog.

    xo, Alexandra in White


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