22 May 2013

Fab Finds - Hair of the Dog Blog

Today we share a super find especially for Pet Photographers. We are thrilled to introduce you to Hair of the Dog blog run by the fantastic Nicole Begley Photography. { See Nicole's beautiful recent feature with Mugsy the dog here } With weekly pet photography contests, inspiring imagery and packed full of essential advice for both budding and professional Pet Photographers, Hair of the Dog is a must read. We asked Nicole more about her brilliant blog...

"I started Hair of the Dog in March of 2012 as a place that would become a resource for pet photographers looking to improve and share their marketing and business advice. The photography business is a challenging business to get started in as there is TONS of competition out there, and pet photography is one of the fastest growing segments of the photography industry. The best way to set yourself up for success is to realize that you are running a business and take the time to gain a solid understanding of marketing, customer service, workflow, and pricing before embarking on the journey. While much of the information on the business sides of things is pretty similar throughout different niches, it was important to me to really focus on the pet photography industry because at that point there was no other resource dedicated to pet photographers. That is one reason that we also share Session Spotlights, which are sessions that photographers submit for publication, Featured Photog columns interviewing different leaders in the industry, and our very popular Weekly Facebook Photo Contest!"

"Hair of the Dog is a website geared to pet photographers of all levels.  While there is oodles of information for the aspiring professional, there are also lots of tips that an established pet photographer may find useful in streamlining their business."

"One of the most common questions that I hear from photographers is in regards to marketing and pricing. It is true that most of us love our job, however without clients and without sales then it becomes a very expensive hobby. Therefore, one of the main threads that run through most of the posts on the site have to do with bringing more clients through the door, attracting the right client, pricing for profit, and sales. However, so long as it has to do with pet photography it's fair game for the blog so you may see articles on photography, post-processing, or even using the video function on your DSLR on occasion!"

"It's been a great community and I encourage everyone to come join in the fun! I've really enjoyed "meeting" other pet photographers from all over the world and nothing makes me happier then when I receive a quick note of thanks from someone navigating the choppy waters of starting a business. I am a firm believer in the importance of being friendly, approachable, and assisting people in an effort to elevate the photography industry as a whole."

"I hope that you will join in the fun over at the blog, www.hairofthedogblog.com and on the Facebook page, www.facebook.com/hairofthedogblog"

With Thanks to Nicole of Hair of the Dog blog & Nicole Begley Photography.

See more of Nicole's lovely portfolio of work over at pets.nicolebegleyphotography.com/blog/

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  1. Aww super cute - being in a similar field, this is a great idea! Best of luck to all the paw photographers out there!


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