17 May 2013

Pet Session - Gucci & Kathy Lui Photography

We are thrilled to welcome back Kathy Lui Photography with a wonderful pet photography session for Gucci the beautiful Bengal cat. We can't decide what we love more - Gucci's green / blue eyes, her delicate little pink nose, her utterly exquisite coat patterns, or how comfortable and relaxed little lady she seems! We hand over to Kathy who tells us about their session together...

"Gucci is a Bengal cat who has an absolutely stunning and exotic looking coat. It's even more breathtaking in person! She's a very sweet kitty. She is very active and loves using her voice to let her wants + demands be known. Gucci lives with two siblings: her brother Rocky the Bull Terrier and her younger sister Skye, an American Bully. Just like Rocky, she definitely knows how to strut her stuff for the camera. In fact, it's pretty much impossible to take a bad photo of Gucci. That's how photogenic she is. All in all, it was a very fun session!"

. Images by Kathy Lui Photography .

With Thanks to Gucci and Kathy Lui Photography
for sharing their session with us.

To see more of Kathy Lui Photography's beautiful portfolio
of work, head on over to

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