26 May 2013

Joey & Teddy - The Kong Wobbler

We wanted a dog toy for Joey & Teddy that would be interactive, interesting and something that would allow the dogs to play together or on their own - without us having to actually play it with them. We decided to try out the Kong Wobbler toy!

The bottom of the Kong Wobbler simply unscrews so that you can put doggy treats into it, pop it back together again and the dogs have to try and figure out how to get the treats. The treats fall out of a hole in the toy but it is weighted at the bottom so that when it is knocked it moves around unpredictably.

It was so interesting to watch their first play with the Wobbler! Whilst Teddy tried to stick his tongue through the hole, Joey nudged it with his nose. We encouraged the nudging and before too long a treat fell out! You could see their brains trying to work this game out which is an added bonus - it is something tactical and they learn how it works.

Joey grasped the game quickly and bounded around the garden thoroughly enjoying the game, nudging it with his nose and spinning it around with his paw. Teddy didn't quite grasp it but was more than happy to watch Joey do the hard work and then help him collect the treats when they fell out!

We've used it every day since it arrived and both Joey & Teddy are super excited to see it every time! Although we wanted a toy to entertain them without us having to play too, we have found it great fun to watch their latest moves, tactics and learning whilst they play!

If you have a Kong Wobbler let us know what your dogs think too!

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  1. Teddy is a cutie! I might have to get one of those Kong Wobblers for my dogs.

  2. Haha it must be so much fun watching them wobble it all around the yard. Great idea.


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