3 May 2013

Just Joey - Getting a Little Brother!

We are so excited to officially announce that we are welcoming a new dog into our home and little family today! Joey is delighted - we have spent several visits, long walks and time playing to bond them first and they really enjoy each other - in fact we felt a little left out! We will of course tell you more about a latest addition soon accompanied of course by some pictures! Until then we'll leave you with some pictures of the cute little collection of things awaiting his arrival...

We already have all the doggy essentials so just needed to add a few pieces ready for the new dog:
> A cute little heart shaped dog bowl to match his brother Joey's
> A Buttons & Bear puppy dumbbell squeaky toy
> A comfy, snuggley bed
> A leash - he already has a collar
> Organic Rice chews in a bone shape for each of them

We love the cute Buttons & Bear range and it is actually really fitting as our new
dog is currently called Teddy! Buttons & Bear - Joey & Teddy!

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