1 Jun 2013

Joey & Teddy - Introducing Teddy

We are delighted to finally introduce you to our new rescue dog Teddy the Japanese Spitz! With bad weather, lots of work and a very untrained and hyperactive Teddy, it has taken us a while to get these photos done but here they are...

We adopted Teddy 4 weeks ago this weekend and it has been hard work but full of giggles and it is so worth it! Joey and Teddy are getting along great - as you can see - but we'll save some of their stories so far for another post!

We shall soon be making some updates to the blog to accommodate Teddy's arrival, such as the 'Just Joey' category will now become 'Joey & Teddy'. There will be a new button for this in the sidebar and we will also be adding a page with Teddy's rescue story too.

See Joey the Staffador's rescue story { here }
You can also find more posts featuring adventures with our dogs { here }

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