26 Jun 2013

Pet Session - Cash the Goldendoodle & Adrian Hitt Photography

Goldendoodle dogs' are adorable and the star of this mini session is the very cute 'Cash', captured by Adrian Hitt Dogography. We hear more about Cash and their mini session together...

"During our recent Spring Mini Sessions, we had the pleasure of meeting a sweet four legged friend whose heart is every bit as large as his body! Cash the Goldendoodle is about a year and a half old, and he sure is a big fluffy guy! Don't let his size fool you though- he's still a puppy at heart!"

"Cash is loving and curious, and during our session he was glad to meet anyone- man or dog- who wandered near him. When he arrived, he made a beeline to greet us as if we were old friends! His mom and dad, Ashley and Ryan, describe this sweet guy as a "gentle giant" and it is absolutely true!"

. Images by Adrian Hitt Dogography .

With thanks to Cash, his parents & Adrian Hitt Dogography for
sharing their cute session with us today!

Too see more of Adrian Hit Dogography's work
head on over to www.adrianhitt.com

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