20 Jun 2013

Pet Session - Louie, Oliver & Skyy Blue Photography

We were delighted to see this super cute session by Ali - the photographer behind Skyy Blue Photography and we could not wait to share it! Say hello to Louie a one year old little Yorkshire Terrier and his Uncle Oliver, a 7 year old Maltese! Prepare yourself for sunshine, superb photography and serious cuteness ! We'll hand you over to Ali to tell you more about their session together...

"On my recent trip to Southern California, I had the opportunity to do a pet portrait session Louie and Oliver, two cutie pies that don’t live together but are related. Oliver’s mom is also Louie’s mom’s mom…make sense? Which would make Louie Oliver’s Uncle, right? Anyways, Louie’s mom has hired me to photograph her dogs several times now. She’s got a pack of five (Lexie, Sadie, Cooper, Jag and Louie) who have graced my blog before. But this session was all about Louie because he’s the new kid on the block."

"We were happy to have Oliver along for the ride as well. He has such a sweet disposition and the bond between him and his mom is just charming. We ventured over to a beautiful lake in the neighborhood, complete with Weeping Willows and ducks galore. A great way to spend the morning."

. Images by Skyy Blue Photography .

Don't miss the follow up feature tomorrow with more of Ali's adorable
photographs of Louie, Oliver and the rest of their pack!

With Thanks to Louie, Oliver, their Mothers & Ali of
Skyy Blue Photography for sharing their session with us!

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head on over to www.skyybluephoto.com

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