10 Jul 2013

Joey & Teddy - Teddy on the Loose!

This week we had a rather scary episode with Teddy, our crazy little Japanese Spitz rescue. The result of which taught us an important lesson! The training for this situation / event had completely slipped our minds before, and we are sure many other dog owners may have overlooked it too, so today we are talking about keeping your dog safe...

We have a front door and also a porch / entranceway with a door to the rest of the house as you enter. The porch door is always kept closed to keep Joey & Teddy safe, so that they can't run off out of the house as we leave / enter. However, one day this week James was loading our camera equipment into the car for a shoot, his hands were full and so he had not closed the porch door or front door. Teddy of course saw this as an opportunity to follow 'Daddy' outside and to the car. He didn't know any different as we hadn't taught him to not go any further than our front door. We should have trained our dogs this incase of something like this happening, every dog owner should. It may take a bit of training time for you and your dog but it could save their life!

So, Teddy is out on the loose and he is indeed about to terrorise the neighborhood as he starts to chase a car along the road! So very dangerous and luckily for us the driver of the car stopped so that we could get our tear-away Teddy! He has a fixation with cars which we are working on with him so we were very fortunate that this was all that happened.

We learnt that yes, we can always try to be safe and vigilant in closing a door ourselves, but if for some reason the front door may be open, we really should train our dogs to not cross this border without our say so. It is a matter of safety for both themselves and others. After this mis-adventure we will certainly be working on this with Joey & Teddy.

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