11 Jul 2013

Pet Session & Rescue Story - Gus & Allison Shamrell Photography

Today we have another beautiful pet session by Allison Shamrell Photography. We would like you to meet Gus and his doggy Mother Karla who rescued this beautiful boy. Below, Allison tells us about Gus' rescue story, his bond with Karla and also their session together. We loved this session and are so happy that Gus has finally found a happy home and family...

"Gus is a handsome, happy dog, totally in love with his mama, and you'd never know (even after meeting him) that he spent years going in & out of the shelter and foster care. Despite less-than-ideal circumstances, he's actually a very lucky dog: after his first family had to give him up for unknown reasons, and another family simply didn't take good care of him, Gus went to the shelter - and was rescued on the DAY he was supposed to be euthanized! He's a hound/boxer mix, and I'm so glad his mom Karla signed him up for a session with me!"

"Gus' "happy place" is right next to Karla, and you'll see that he's never far from her in these photos. We had a great session, and after visiting the beach and the park we stepped into my studio... where Gus decided he did NOT want to be. The studio strobe lights were pretty scary for this tough-looking dog; turns out he's a softie! So we headed right back outside and enjoyed the natural light for a while longer instead!"

"Karla also let me play with my fisheye lens a bit during our session! I love it when my clients give me the freedom to get creative, and the fisheye effect definitely lends a bit of drama to the scene!"

With Thanks to Gus, Karla & Allison Shamrell Photography
for sharing their lovely session and story with us today!

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