12 Jul 2013

Pet Session - Alison, Lily & Jasper by Willow & Co. Photography

We are honored to introduce you to a fantastic photography duo who are new to Itty Bitty & Fluffy - Grace and Tim of Willow & Co. We fell head-over-heels in love with Willow & Co's lifestyle photography and their beautiful session with animal lover Alison and her stunning dogs Lily & Jasper. It was a great surprise to find that Lily is actually Labrador and Staffordshire mix { a Staffador } like our own dog Joey!

"Jasper (Labrador mix) and Lily (Lab x Staffy). I know they're practically identical but if you look closely Lily has more of a bull breed face and pointy Staffy ears. She was 6 yrs old at the time of their shoot and Jasper was 7. Jasper is a huuuuge mama's boy and loves his cuddles with Alison while Lily is more independent out of the two. Together they make an inseparable trio who just adore each other. Both dogs are adopted/rescued which is just a small reflection of Alison's love for animals as she's also a vet nurse."

"Their session took place on a very chilly afternoon in winter; from memory it was about 10°C (which in Australia is cold!). But the winter sun was beautiful and when the dogs ran through the grass, lots of tiny speck-sized insects flew up into the golden light and floated around like fairy dust. Combined with the love, laughter and slobbery licks between the three of them, it was pure magic. "

. Images by Willow & Co .

With Thanks to Alison, Lily, Jasper and Willow & Co. Photography
for sharing their beautiful session with us today!

To see more of Willow & Co's fantastic portfolio of work, head on over to

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