24 Jul 2013

Pet Session & Rescue Story - Fetchlight Lifestyle Pet Photography

Today we have a lovely session by Jen Bergen of Fetchlight Lifestyle Pet Photography with Milly, a super cute rescue dog! Here's what Jen had to tell us about Milly and their session together - "Milly is quite well-known around the island town of Coronado, California. She is a Black Lab / Border Collie / Pittie mix rescue dog with a heart of gold, who accompanies her graphic designer mom around to meetings at all the local shops and restaurants throughout the day. Her mom says Milly likes to welcome and say hello to everyone they meet! She's very curious and excited to explore new locations, which made for a fun, energetic shoot!"

Milly's doggy Mother Kayt, kindly told us more about Milly and her rescue story too...

"Milly is a very special pup. We are lucky to have her in our lives. She and her siblings were found on the streets of LA at only 7 weeks old and brought to a high kill city shelter where their future looked grim. They were thankfully rescued just in the nick of time by an awesome local rescue organization, Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue, who took them into their care, smothered them with love and took all the necessary steps to ensure the pups were placed in healthy happy homes."

"From when we met and adopted her at 2 months old, Milly has had a very special ability to help other people and spread happiness and joy. Growing up on a busy main street with plenty of dogs and tourists to meet daily, she loves saying hi to anyone she can. She can breeze through a crowd with a unique ability to sense someone in need of a little extra love from a K-9 companion, whether it be due to a recent loss or aching heart of missing their dogs at home while they travel. It isn't uncommon for her to bring some people to tears, as if she truly touched their heart when they needed it the most."

"When she isn't cruising the Avenue, saying hi to all her friends, old and new... you can find her at the dog beach or the park running like a lighting bolt full of energy. Her sweet and soulfull disposition allows her to connect to many people and animals and be a proud advocate and representative for "pound puppy" mixes (especially pit bull mixes) that are often mistreated and mislabeled. We hope to have her be an official therapy dog, so we can spread/utilize her special gift to more people in need too."

With Thanks to Milly, Kayt & Fetchlight Lifestyle Pet Photography for
sharing their session and rescue story with us today!

You can see more of the fab Fetchlight Lifestyle Pet Photography
portfolio of work by heading on over to

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