4 Jul 2013

Pet Session - Socrates the Labradoodle & Allison Shamrell Photography

We are so excited to introduce you to a Pet Photographer Allison Shamrell Photography and her beautiful session with Scorates the Labradoodle. Set at the beach, enjoying the sun, sand and sea, - we wish we were there!

We hand over to Allison who tells us more about Socrates and their beautiful session together...

"I met Socrates and his parents at a beach just a couple of miles from their house. We spent an hour playing in the surf & sand - it was a great time! Socrates is an 8-year-old labradoodle, and simply loves to just be around his parents. He really is happiest when he's as close to them as possible - at one point during the session, he jumped right into his mom's lap! Socrates is an absolute sweetheart, and even has a bit of an "old soul" vibe, true to his name. Socrates was previously owned by his parents' family members, but when they realized they couldn't keep him anymore, his current parents couldn't bear to see him go to a shelter. They took Socrates in and he's been a wonderful part of the family ever since!"

With Thanks to Socrates & Allison Shamrell Photography for sharing
their wonderful session with us today!

To see more of Allison Shamrell's super portfolio of work
head on over to www.allisonshamrellblog.com

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