8 Aug 2013

Chase & Snap Pet Photography's Strays Around the World Project

I was so touched to  find out about the Strays Around the World Project by Stephanie, of the wonderful Chase & Snap Pet Photography. Stephanie recently enjoyed her Honeymoon in the Dominican Republic and whilst she was there she captured the latest installment of her heartfelt project. It is so amazing to raise awareness for a worldwide issue and I'm personally so proud of Stephanie taking her time to help this cause - even on her honeymoon! Please stop by and show your support by giving a 'like' on the Strays Around the World Facebook Page { here } and you can read more about the project below too...

Strays Around the World is a project started by Stephanie Madeline in 2010, inspired by a trip to Puerto Rico. It was there she realized the extent of the stray animal over population problem of other countries.The New Jersey based pet photographer will travel the world documenting strays in order to raise awareness as well as raise funds for organizations with similar causes. Stephanie has so far documented strays from Puerto Rico, Italy and Dominican Republic. Planned countries include England, Ireland, Thailand, China, Japan, Russia, Costa Rica, Mexico & more! Photos, calendars, greeting cards and books will be available for purchase in the future. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Project Animal Worldwide, a non-profit organization dedicated to spaying/neutering strays in Puerto Rico as well as find homes for them and 600million.org, an organization dedicated to developing a safe and humane birth control pill for dogs and cats.

With Thanks to Stephanie of Chase & Snap Pet Photography for
sharing her Strays Around the World Project with us!

See more of the fab Chase & Snap Pet Photography portfolio by heading over to
chaseandsnap.com and more features on Itty Bity & Fluffy { here }

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