7 Aug 2013

Pet Session - Foster Puppies by BrindleBerry Custom Pet Photography

How delightful it was to receive this beautiful session full of cute puppies from Holly of BrindleBerry Custom Pet Photography! Holly actually had the pleasure of fostering these little cutie pies whilst they each awaited a foster home - it is so wonderful to hear about the endless good deeds so many Pet Photographers do for animals - they are passionate about them at work and in their personal lives!

 Holly tells us more about the beautiful puppies... "I recently made the decision to become a Holding Home for half a litter of St. Bernard mix puppies for a local rescue called ARF - Animal Rescue Foundation (www.arf.ab.ca) when their adorable mugs appeared in my Facebook feed. These puppies were only 5 weeks old and not ready to be separated into foster care, so they needed a place just to "grow up" a little. We have had the puppies with us for three days now, and their little personalities are starting to flourish."

"Josh - Josh is one of the biggest of the litter and boy oh boy is he handsome! He could fool just about anyone into thinking he's a purebred St. Bernard! He is so gentle and laid back.

Zach - AKA Zach "Attack". LIttle Zach is the smallest of the litter, and he's just so darn sweet! He is probably the most well rounded pup of the litter. He's loveable, but will go off on his own. He is cautious but not nervous. Love you Zach my man!

Lilly - Lilly is just a sweetheart! She loves cuddles, and is very social without being clingy. We call her Silly Lilly the Hillbilly.

Dakota - SIGH Dakota. I would love to keep this one right here with us! Besides being a stunner, she is very loveable and fun. She likes to follow me and my husband around, but is not afraid to go and play with the others.

Benny - Oh Benny. Benny is the independent one! When I do a head count, it's always Benny that's missing! And he's usually busy entertaining himself with a stick or grass or something!

Ryan - Ryan is another sizeable pup! He is best know for being a goof and of all the pups he loves people the most. Ryan thinks it's hilarious to barrel into you when you least expect it.

If you are looking for a very fulfilling and rewarding way to make a difference, consider fostering for one of your local rescues. And, if you are looking for a puppy, these guys will be ready for adoption from ARF in about three weeks time!"

With Thanks to Holly of BrindleBerry Custom Pet Photography and all the cute puppies
for sharing this session with us and good luck to them in finding their
forever families and homes too!

You can see more of the lovely portfolio of work by BrindleBerry Custom Pet Photography
by heading on over to

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