10 Apr 2014

Whoever said Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, Didn't Have a Dog | Joey and Teddy

Joey is my best friend, faithful companion and furbaby. I don't write or say these words lightly, I mean them with all of my heart. We adopted Joey two years ago now, and the changes he has made to my life are immense, not to mention the changes we have made to his. Once a very nervous dog, scared if you got a pan out of the cupboard to cook - he would run away to hide or for a long time he wouldn't even step into the garden on his own. He had so many quirks and issues but has come so far to be a very happy dog indeed ( even when he little brother Teddy is terrorising him! )

I often call him my sunshine, firstly because he really is, and secondly, he loves sunshine - as do I! It's a common love we share and enjoy together! These days, Joey will take himself off into the garden for a lay out in the sunshine and I will look at him and feel so proud for how far he has come and what an achievement this little act is. I'm of course proud that we did that for him too. It took time, tears, patience and understanding, but the result is the beautiful friendship and life we share together.

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