20 Apr 2013

Just Joey - Our Beach Day

We spent our Easter Sunday at the beach and witnessed Joey's first ever swim! He didn't swim very far but it was such a proud moment and has taken a while to get him to 1) go in water and 2) learn how to fetch and retrieve. So now he is doing both!

We love to visit Formby Point which is a beautiful place owned and looked after by The National Trust. It always feels like a little holiday for us and Joey adores it there! This was Joey's 3rd trip to the beach at Formby Point.

It was a wonderfully sunny spring day and the three of us enjoyed ourselves immensely and it was a fantastic atmosphere with so many other families out with their dogs too! Joey of course made a few friends too! We will follow up with another post which captures our afternoon at the sand dunes too!

. Joey's first swim .
 Joey tries to bury his precious driftwood stick which he has been playing with for a few hours.
Even though the hole he made was pretty huge, he couldn't quite work out how to cover it up.
We tried to show him by scraping sand on to the wood for him but he would just dig it up and start all over again.
What a mucky pup Joey was after all his digging and attempts to bury his stick!

Don't forget to see our follow up post of our afternoon in the sand dunes too!

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