24 Apr 2013

Pet Session - San Diego's Signs & Fetchlight Pet Lifestyle Photography

We were so excited to receive this recent project by Jen Bergen of the fantastic Fetchlight Pet Lifestyle Photography! Jen captured several pet dogs within a San Diego neighborhood with fun local signs, colors and landmarks. The dogs are all adorable and here's an introduction to each of them along with their wonderful photographs...

This super cute little French Bulldog puppy is called Beckham, and Jen
describes him as curious yet relaxed. Isn't he adorable!

Meet beautifiul Booker a Boykin spaniel puppy! Jen describes Booker as very energetic
- he wanted to chew everything including her hair! Bless him!

Here is Tawny a gorgeous cross breed and rescue dog owned by Jen herself. She tells us that Tawny is her crazy, mystery mix orange dog who likes to bark at other dogs, cats and even squirrels but loves people. What a happy little soul Tawny looks and how about those cute ears!

Here is lovely Yogi who is a Shepherd mix and also a rescue dog. Jen says that Yogi is
super cool and super excited about treats but very well behaved. Doesn't he look
like a cool customer in his car shot!

With Thanks to Jen Burgen of Fetchlight Lifestyle Pet Photography, Tawny,
Yogi, Boomer & Beckham for sharing their brilliant session with us!

To see more of the fabulous Fetchlight Lifestyle Pet Photography portfolio
of work, 
head on over to www.fetchlight.com


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my photos of these great dogs! I'll let all the dogs know they are famous now :)

  2. The first Frenchie is my little Beckham! Jen was awesome to work with and she is not only patient...but an amazing photographer!

    Love all the photos and keep doing what you do!


  3. They are so darling! Great photos!


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