25 Apr 2013

Just Joey - The Sand Dunes

We spent our Easter Sunday at the beautiful Formby Point in the north west of England and you can see our earlier post about our time on the beach { here }. After enjoying ourselves immensely and Joey constantly getting in to the sea water, making friends with fellow fluffies and of course playing fetch, we had a picnic before heading off to one of the coastal paths in the surrounding area and through the stunning sand dunes.

Joey absolutely loves the sand dunes - bounding through them and over the tall grass like a little puppy! We took the Nicotine Path this time and highly recommend it for lovely scenery, beach views and somewhere peaceful. We'll let the pictures tell the story...

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the Staffador ( Labrador cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier ) go { here }
You can also read about Joey's rescue story on the Just Joey page.

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