6 May 2013

Just Joey - Joeys 2nd Birthday!

Last week we celebrated Joey's first birthday with us and his actual 2nd birthday. We got him a few token gifts - because we haven't had him very long, he has everything and he is pretty spoiled anyway too so he didn't need very much! We got him a nice new lead and collar, a 3 Peaks nylon frisbee toy, a lovely organic rice bone chew and yummy treats for the week!

Something we were super excited to give him was a scrumptious, pretty, Pupcake doggy cupcake! It was very kindly sent to us by the wonderful Alpha & Ruby's Dog Bakery ready for Joey's birthday - he loved it! Of course we couldn't resist marking the special occasion with a little celebration and photo shoot! Here are the pictures and what we did...

Alpha & Ruby's Dog Bakery sent us this pretty, scrumptious looking - yet healthy peanut butter flavour Pupcake for his birthday. Aren't they just utterly cute! We added a little white glittery number 2 candle and placed in on top of a pretty cake stand. We also decorated the table with more dog treats, blue balloons, hearts, doilies and Joey's first ever birthday card from us!

Above is a frame of photographs we have hung up at home with pictures of ourselves with Joey and our first few months together as a family. You can see that we all love to cuddle up! 

Joey loved his Pupcake birthday treat - as you can see!
With thanks to Alpha & Ruby's Dog Bakery for the lovely gift!

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  1. So cute! Glad he enjoyed his pupcake so much! :)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Joey! It looks like he had a great day :)


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